Personal projects

  • My blog, where I write about writing software and experimenting with it.
  • ReconBot is a notification relay bot for Eve Online. It watches for new in-game notifications via Eve’s ESI API and relays them to common chat platforms like Slack or Discord.
  • Latte is an automated time tracker for developers on Linux environments, passively tracking time spent on active windows for future analysis.
  • burrito-bison-bot is an OpenCV based application that plays the Burrito Bison computer game.
  • puzlogic-bot is an OpenCV based application that uses Z3 SMT solver to solve the Puzlogic puzzle game.
  • Break Helper Google Chrome extension reminds you to periodically take breaks. It follows some of the widely accepted techniques, such as 20-20-20 or Pomodoro.
  • Market arbitration, order management and logistics software for virtual markets in Eve Online computer game.


2021 MailPoet Engineering Lead at Automattic (team of 7).

2016 - 2020
CTO at MailPoet (team of 9), acquired by Automattic. PHP, JS, Ruby, Ansible.

Technical lead at MailPoet (team of 4).
Rewriting MailPoet 2 (WordPress plugin) as MailPoet 3.

2014 - 2016
WordPress developer at MailPoet (team of 4).
Building and maintaining WordPress Newsletter plugins for 400,000+ sites. Built the visual email designer.
WordPress, PHP, JS.

2013 - 2016
Programmer at Drakonų Kova.
Built content and e-shop websites. PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, WordPress, JS, Linux

Web Developer at SpilGames.
Development of global games portal (team of 4).

2011 - 2015
Software Engineering BSc at Vilnius University.
C, Java, Ruby, Scala, Software Project Management.

2008 - 2014
Freelance software developer.
Building websites and web applications for small European businesses.
Piloted - a global games portal, and later maintained it with a SpilGames team of 3.

2005 - 2008
First ventures into software.
PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, C++, software security.

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